Born out of opportunity, a love of booze, and a need to break ourselves out of the everyday. The Company You Keep is a daily reminder to do just that, and we wanted to share this with you guys – in the hope that you’ll take more time for yourself, with mates or without.

In true Aussie fashion we got amongst it, designing the still and making it with our own hands – safe to say we're pretty proud of it. And there's a unique claim – both the still and the gin are locally crafted! Our awarded-distiller Phil Crossley (also locally crafted), over in the distillery was the brains behind the build - starting from scratch and designed in powerpoint (believe it or not... who knew!).

Now this might sound a little dangerous, or perhaps a little mad (don't try it at home)... but he's no stranger to gin and still builds (he’s helped build them commercially for Still Dragon) – and he even wrote a chapter on making gin(The Nano Distillery - The Future of Distilling). We can tell you first-hand that he’s pretty bloody good at it!

We designed our gin to be pretty straightforward, we have 9 botanicals but the main ingredient, as you’ve probably gathered, is juniper - combined with a citrus finish, making it a pretty punchy craft gin.

We add our dry botanicals to a basket inside our modified still, meaning they only encounter the spirit as vapor; nine different dry seeds, leaves and roots. 70% juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice, pepperberry, lime peel, lemon peel, sweet orange peel & lavender.

And because we only believe in the best, we always rest our gin for two weeks before a final tasting and bottling.

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